Nothling- Demmer, Editor David



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everyone loves a good bargain, right? Be it a mid-week trip to Briscoes where you’re almost always guaranteed a solid 25 percent off, or a two-for-one digital only deal at your local bp connect because you’re a loyalty member. I know I certainly do love a good Westfield walkabout. Retailers have arsenal of deals and smart catches ready to fire off at customers wherever they are on their journey of discovery and purchase. However, as consumer behaviours shift, thanks to a pandemic, retail marketers are having to dig deeper and engage customers on new and evolving channels. I think I’m quite a savvy online shopper now! There is no doubt that the New Zealand retail industry has taken a hard knock as a result the restrictions put on businesses due to Covid-19 lockdowns. To counter these restrictions retailers have had to leapfrog their brick and mortar offerings to dynamic e-commerce outlets. 2022 has however seen some normality return to the sector as the country begins to open up again. At the same time, the industry is much changed because of the pandemic. Many retailers will have learned new (digital) skills to keep their businesses going while others will have refined their e-tail strategies to reach new and growing markets. No matter where retailers sit on this journey of opening up to more customers, one thing remains constant – the need for an effective marketing strategy. Retail marketing not only satisfies customers’ needs but ensures their delight. As retailers look to increase their capabilities across new and exciting channels using the latest tools and tech, marketing will be essential in bringing these evolving retailers to their customers in ways that are relevant, targeted and creative. This entire issue of Nzmarketing puts focus on the retail industry, and more specifically omnichannel approaches to retail marketing. This, as marketers look to engage and convert customers across several touchpoints that are never static, but always changing and updating. From the latest trends in shopper marketing, the newest technologies, strategic insight from big brand retailers and more, this issue will hopefully inspire new ideas and ways of reaching your customers wherever you may find them, or they you. Enjoy,