New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23




1. PERSONALISED CONTENT THROUGH RETARGETING ON SOCIAL MEDIA This is the practice of sending target adverts to consumers who’ve already interacted with your website, the people who might have read your latest news section or added items to their cart but not checked them out. Focus on these people, and show them the products they liked or recommend products similar to ones they’ve chosen. 2. PERSONALISED SOCIAL MEDIA QUIZZES Quizzes have proved to do two things very well. They’re great for engagement and collecting first-party data, which is needed for that personalised experience, and according to Buzzsumo, they’re also extremely shareable, with the average quiz being shared up to 1900 times. A social media quiz gives you an opportunity to gather the information you need in order to create a personalised campaign for your customers moving forward. 3. USER-GENERATED CONTENT & VIDEO CREATION We all know video is rising to the forefront of social media, with Tiktok becoming one of the most popular channels and Instagram following suit, announcing they’re moving away from being a photo-sharing platform to one that’s focused on video and reels. In order to harness the power of videos, they need to be personalised. A great way to do this is by getting your community to submit their own content. 4. ALWAYS ENGAGING WITH YOUR CUSTOMERS This type of brand-customer relationship is no longer a luxury but a necessity. It has been proven time and time again that brands who actively engage with their customers on social media not only increase the likelihood of retention but also build a long-time customer base. It all comes down to creating a positive social media experience for the consumer, such as engaging with a review or responding to a social post they’ve made.


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