New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23




Jon: “The fundamentals of engaging audiences are no different on social media. It’s part art and part science. Know your audience, know your brand, know your tools, make great creative – then measure, optimise, rinse and repeat. The difference is everything is so much faster. Most times, you know within minutes or hours if what you’re doing is working or not, so being agile is paramount.” David: “There are two key fundamentals to a killer social media strategy. Firstly, you need to have constant presence to create brand salience. In social, this manifests itself by being in the right social channels for your audience, having strong posting frequency and investing enough to create high ‘ reach’. The second lever we can pull as marketers is ensuring our content is engaging. This will ensure the reach and presence we’ve created through your investment is maximised, and ultimately delivers higher marketing return on investment. By creating a positive emotional response, you’ll create a brand memor y and engagement, including people sharing your content, organic reach and higher earned media.”


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