New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23




Marketing Masters was designed by ANZ CMO Sweta Mehra’s capability building team to help ANZ marketers reach their full potential as a marketer, set them up for career growth, and prepare the organisation for the future roles and capabilities that will be required as industr y leaders in the future. It leverages global best practices to help ANZ build a team of highly performing, future-ready marketers capable of delivering greater customercentricity in the organisation. The programme was launched at ANZ in October 2019, having been developed over nine months in collaboration with globally recognised training partners. The team initially sought to identify global best practices and industr y-leading emerging trends, to determine which capabilities build future-ready, commercially minded, marketing industry leaders. From there, a people capability framework was developed that defines each capability and details what performance on the job looks like according to a Level of Mastery across the various capabilities. Ever y single role within marketing across all regions has been mapped based on Level of Mastery across 19 capabilities, the requirements of each role type and by job grade. ANZ marketers have access to a range of application-led virtual classrooms and workshops as part of its Brand Academy, along with self-directed learning via its My Master y Library. The library provides curated coursework across the capability areas from global partners such as Go1 and Linkedin Learning, and includes a mix of short and long-form coursework, videos, articles and case studies. Learning opportunities are also available with the NZ Marketing Association. The programme is designed to help marketers increase their knowledge, skills and experience across 19 core areas of marketing, covering discovery and insights, strategy, planning and prioritisation, and execution. It’s a self-guided programme, for which each individual commits to dedicating a minimum of 16 hours over a period of 12 weeks per quarter. Employees reflect on their current Level of Mastery across the 19 capabilities via their My Master y review tool, which shows variances between the expectations of the role and the employee’s assessment. Employees have clarity and focus in terms of their development efforts and career pathways. Growth opportunities are identified and prioritised in their Marketing Masters growth plan, and leaders endorse the plan before learning and growth commence. Progress is tracked periodically and annually when the process recommences. A reward and recognition programme known as the Masters Awards celebrates Mastery in Action and achievement of the Next Level of Master y. The Marketing Masters programme is significantly lifting employee engagement within ANZ. In 2021, 81 percent of staff reported feeling that they have access to growth opportunities, which according to the annual My Voice employee satisfaction survey is up from 68 percent in 2019. Eighty-three percent of staff also feel that “someone in the organisation has an interest in my growth”, which is up from 62 percent in 2019. Employee retention has also lifted as a result of the programme, with attrition down within the marketing department since it launched. The programme’s My Mastery Review tool continually delivers key insights to the executive team to identify priority capability areas, and ensures the team continues to evolve its offering year on year .


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