New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23



In Association With Toluna

Looking to personalise your online messaging? NZ MARKETING and TOLUNA have teamed up to bring you insights from Kiwi consumers on their privacy and personal data-sharing concerns*. They told us that brands need to be upfront with them about how their information is being used – or risk being locked out. Most New Zealanders (89 percent) are aware that companies such as Facebook are collecting and using their data, but only three percent claim to be not at all concerned about data privacy. Half of Kiwis (49 percent) are very or extremely concerned, with the biggest concern (76 percent) being that their personal data will get hacked/stolen. Social platforms are viewed as the least trustworthy for handling and storing data. Seventy-one percent of respondents stated that they’re somewhat or not trustable at all, with the biggest distrust in Tiktok (62 percent), Facebook (58 percent), Twitter and Snapchat (both 56 percent). Most respondents are willing to share lifestyle information on their interests/hobbies (54 percent) or entertainment choices, such as movies watched or games played (51 percent). They’re least willing to share their location data (only 19 percent) and almost a quarter (24 percent) aren’t willing to share any data at all. The majority feel companies are asking for too much personal data (52 percent) and that their data is somewhat insecure or not secure at all (45 percent). People are most willing to share their data for the development of relevant new products/services (58 percent moderately to completely likely). Only 26 percent are somewhat or definitely willing to receive targeted ads based on their interests or browsing history for a relevant, personalised experience. The main barriers are when a company is seen as not being open about what data it collects and how it uses it (30 percent) or doesn’t share its approach to protecting people’s data (27 percent). For the full set of results from the survey, visit And for more on how Toluna Start can help you collect better customer insights, visit


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