New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23


This just got PERSONAL(ISED)

In Association With True

Direct, one-to-one, individual, personalised… Whatever you call it, it’s a marketing strategy that’s undergoing significant disruption. Advancements in data collection methods, analytics, digital electronics and digital economics are providing marketers increasingly effective real-time and prolonged customer-personalisation tactics, making the targeting of customers at a personal level that much more achievable and valuable. But just as marketers are becoming more tech-savvy, customers are becoming increasingly conscious of mass advertising, at a time when privacy and individuality is front of mind when choosing which brands to support. Throughout this issue of NZ Marketing, and with the help of marketing case studies, expert marketers, brand boffs and creative minds, we unpack how marketers are best using behavioural science, sophisticated data sets and tailored content strategies to effectively personalise and individualise their marketing at all touchpoints along the customer journey.


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