New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23


Sports marketing conference

In Association With Marketing Association

Kiwis are sports lovers, so the statistic on the right doesn’t come as a surprise to us here at Marketing Association. For too long, there’s been an untapped opportunity for businesses and brands to drive brand growth through sport, and for too long, we’ve seen brands sponsor athletes and sports associations only to feel deflated when the benefits that could have been so great haven’t manifested for the brand. That’s why we are thrilled to announce, in a global first, our upcoming Sports Marketing Conference, dedicated to helping marketers and sponsorship/brand managers drive meaningful brand growth through partnerships with sport and athletes. We want to encourage marketers to think more creatively when they associate their brand with a sport. With a stellar line-up of presenters, you won’t want to miss this. We have Scotty Stevenson as MC and host, and martial artist Dan Hooker will talk from an athlete’s perspective about the best way to partner with a brand and what athletes look for when considering partnerships. Naomi Osaka’s business manager Stuart Duguid will tell how he manages her brand and integrates it with other brands, and we also have Alex Whitcher, ex-north American Marketing Director at Nike, to provide a keynote address on how sport and brands can influence societal change. Nike have been global leaders in using the power of sport and it’s increasingly important role in mobilising change in the world we live in today. There’s huge digital disruption in sport at the moment. Duane Mutu of ‘Let’s Play Live’ will cover the influence of esports on brands and Aaron Mcdonald, co-founder of, will take us into the world of NFTS (non-fungible tokens) and the effect they’re having on brands and memorabilia. Karl Budge will cover how the ASB tennis open became a number-one social event where tennis happened to be played, and Moët will let us know how they leveraged their involvement to make this one of their biggest selling periods. It’s clear that sport pays, and Steve Whately of Nielsen Australia will runs through the ROI on sport. Plus, there is much more, including a discussion of why women’s sport is the number one opportunity for brands. For brands and businesses, the power of sport is not only clear, but growing, particularly as the next generation of consumers emerges. By 2022, it’s predicted that 10 percent of all global advertising spend will be on sport.* So don’t get left behind, stay ahead of the game and be inspired to think more innovatively about how to maximise your partnerships. We’d love to see you at the conference! Jump online, grab your ticket and we’ll meet you there.


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