New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23




Better For You by Lisa A. Lewis examines the rise of a global healthy-drinks market and presents case studies of entrepreneurs who dared to create ‘better for you’ beverages, including enduring American brands, and burgeoning New Zealand brands Phoenix Organics, Karma Cola, Chia Sisters, Aotea Native Tonics and King of Kiwi. How did Phoenix Organics, an iconic Kiwi brand, come to be foreign-owned? How is Karma Cola going head to head with Big Soda? How does leadership from Chia Sisters’ founders dismantle tall poppy culture? And why did a successful Ma–ori-led drinks brand choose to forgo export? A fascinating look at the proliferation of Kiwi lifestyle beverages, Better For You profiles influential innovators who are developing healthy drinks and their efforts to make nutritious, ethical, New Zealandowned products. Author Lisa A. Lewis includes in the book a behind-the-scenes account of King of Kiwi’s Glenn Elliott, who travelled to the US to “give it a go” with his artisanal kiwifruit drink brand while staying in Lisa’s Los Angeles home, after answering her flatmatewanted ad. It illuminates many issues related to market dynamics, business beliefs and economic frameworks, and also shows how entrepreneurs in two distant, culturally distinct countries chased similar motivations with the intent to bring about change to an unhealthy beverage regime. Much more than a business book, Better For You demonstrates connections between products and consumers, Kiwis and Americans, and suggests how commerce can relate to leading authentic, healthy and responsible lives. “Better For You captures the zeitgeist of the age and delivers a unique view of a changing world, where doing good is an essential part of doing well,” says Adjunct Professor at Auckland University of Technology Mike Hutcheson. “It’s a must-read for anyone who has an interest in how challenger brands can take on market leaders.” RRP $35,


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