New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23


Gotta love ’em


By leveraging the power of consumer conversation insights, the new Brand Love Story 2021 report by Talkwalker uncovers the secrets to earning people’s affection in today’s environment. Using Ai-powered analysis, the social media analytics and monitoring company assessed consumer conversations from more than 1200 brands to identify the 50 most loved brands globally, and the top 10 in Asia Pacific. With insights into the trends shaping pandemic marketing and the methods brands are using to tackle those trends, a number of iconic brands from Asia Pacific came up at the top of the list, paving the way forward for other brands in the region. The report noted that as face-to-face conversations dropped due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the organic mentions of brands online dropped too. People were telling fewer stories about real-world interactions. To compensate for this, savvier brands turned to traditional PR, creating brand-led stories that consumers could connect with through custom research and original ideas. People wanted escapism, and these stories gave them the opportunity to think beyond the current crisis. For in-depth information on this brand-led approach to PR, flip to our feature on page 86.


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