New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23


Travel Category Case Study


NZ’S LARGEST BVOD PLATFORM1 Superior Viewability and Ad Completion - Premium Content - Trusted - Low Ad Load - Brand Safe - Maximises Attention THE BRIEF Client X is in the Travel category and had an inherent understanding of Broadcast TV, it’s efficiency and effectiveness but was interested in looking at ways to prove the value of BVOD. THE TASK With an ROI analysis model in place for TV, Client X partnered with TVNZ to measure the effectiveness of their advertising across TVNZ Ondemand. Objective was to measure uplift in website conversions from viewers exposed to the targeted creative. THE CAMPAIGN 4-week ad campaign exclusively on TVNZ Ondemand, with a 7-week conversion window for tracking purchases (four weeks during campaign, 3 weeks following its completion). THE EXECUTION We set up a Target and a Control group of TVNZ Ondemand users, (registered login data) 18+ years of age. When the Target Group (group exposed) came to TVNZ Ondemand they were shown Client X’s ad with a mix of 15sec and 30sec formats. When the Control Group [group not exposed] watched TVNZ Ondemand they were shown a TVNZ promotional ad. Tracking of performance was done using two different approaches: 1. Email Matching was completed, using a trusted third-party data company. (Viewer email addresses were used to identify those in either the target or control groups who were served an ad/ promo via TVNZ Ondemand and then visited Client X site or app in a logged in state.) We were then able to identify which of these customers went on to make a purchase. 2. Cookie matching was undertaken to identify those people in either the target or control groups who were served an ad/ promo via TVNZ Ondemand and visited the client’s website. Cookie Tracking was only possible on desktop devices, it does not include CTV or mobile/ tablet in-app viewing. Third party cookie tracking will not be viable in future as ad tech providers stop supporting it. SUMMARY This case study demonstrated the importance of understanding investment across existing and new customers and how investing in TVNZ Ondemand generated higher value customers vs advertising only to an existing customer base. TVNZ Ondemand provides a brand safe, cost effective and powerful advertising platform. CLIENT FEEDBACK “We have been buying TV for a while now, and given the signal is National we haven’t had the opportunity to run any regional tests to test the efficiency of TV. Therefore, we have been looking for ways to prove media efficiency. By using TV + BVOD together, not only will we be able to drive more incremental conversion than TV or BVOD alone. We will also be able to build longer term measurement pieces – being able to identify pockets of good lift and efficiency to lean into, and areas of low lift/wastage where we can reduce spend, based on the 1:1 measurement opportunities. This coupled with an 8% return on ad spend made TVNZ Ondemand an efficient and effective channel.” Source 1: Nielsen CMI Q4 19-Q3 20, AP15+ Campaign performance/tracking was limited to situations where consistent email addresses were used for TVNZ Ondemand log in and the client’s user accounts. This will not capture all people that viewed an ad on TVNZ Ondemand then went on to purchase from the client.


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