New Zealand Marketing - 2021-09-23




Significant numbers from the last quarter on Stoppress. 16 percent … the percentage increase in primary readership of magazines in the latest Nielsen Consumer & Media Insights survey (Q2 2020 – Q1 2021). 247,000 … the number of Kiwis who went to the movies during the premiere weekend of Marvel Studios’ superhero film Blackwidow, the highest since January 2020. 3.5 million … the number of people who listen to commercial radio stations each week in New Zealand, according to S2 2021 GFK radio audience data. 64,000 … the number of likes received for a Tiktok recording of the removal of a Lorde poster from one of Phantom Billstickers’ frames. 29 percent … how much digital advertising revenue grew in Q1 of 2021. $100,000 … the amount of money Pak’nsave will collectively donate to Pak’cansave beneficiaries.


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